Member of the Clean Energy Council:
CEC No: A9320629
ACT Licence No: 2011432

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Captain Kilowatt began in 2011 by performing contract installations for many of Australia’s well known internet Solar Companies. We have experience installing in NSW, Victoria and the ACT.

What makes us different

We will install your system ourselves and are responsible for your system from the installation through to the connection, we will perform the work ourselves including any modifications necessary to your meter and this will all be explained prior to any commencing.

We will arrange the connection on your behalf, connection in different states involves different procedures, as well as installing your system we will arrange for a meter change where required.

We will install a custom system utilizing components of your choice or we can recommend a system to suit your needs.  If you have done your own research and have decided on components to use, we will be happy to install them for you.

If you prefer, we carry a range of equipment and can recommend and install any system from this to suit your needs.

What to look for in Solar Components.

It is our experience that the overall quality and reliability of most solar components is better than expected.

We believe that the choice of component should be based on its performance, reliability and cost effectiveness.


We have selected the Afore range of inverters as our standard inverter because of the quality of the componentry used, the Afore inverter is built from German, Japanese and US components and assembled in China to keep the cost down. Because of the better components, Afore inverters come with a standard 10 year warranty!

We also supply and install SMA, PVI Aurora , ENA, Xantrex, Fronius, and other brands.


There are a large number of panels on the market.

In selecting a panel we look for a manufacturer that has vertical control of the manufacturing process, the manufacturer should produce its own silicon wafers and assemble the panel to assure quality control. There are a number of manufacturers that meet these criteria and we will make use of their products based on availability and the best available price.

Additionally we require all our panels to carry a minimum a 10 year manufacturer warranty and all approved panels are required to carry a 25 year performance warranty.

Selection of Panel

Panels predominately are of two types:

Mono-crystalline – Where all the square silicon cells are cut from the same source, this gives a high performance when conditions for production are suitable. We recommend Mono-crystalline panels where consistent weather conditions prevail.

Poly-crystalline – These panels use different source silicon for the crystals and the panel performs more consistently when the light level varies.

Recently new panel types have become available and these are expected to be efficient under most conditions, referred to as Hybrid panels they are a new generation of Solar technology.