Member of the Clean Energy Council:
CEC No: A9320629
ACT Licence No: 2011432

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We have a range of services that we provide

Solar Supply & Installation

Captain Kilowatt will install the system of your choice, if you have decided on the components to use we will install the system using components of your choice or we can recommend a system or design a system based on your energy production requirements to suit your budget. We will install the system. Internet Solar Companies may have an office or base but are really supply only companies and don’t do the work themselves, it is contracted out to the lowest cost provider so they can be competitive..  Your Solar System can be expected to have a life of 25 or more years, if corners have been cut you will have 25 years to reconsider how it should have been done. Because we install your system we are responsible for it, we will look after your installation from ordering the components to when your system is connected and beyond with our service and maintenance program.

Servicing, Maintenance & Cleaning

Your Solar System should be checked periodically to ensure it is operating efficiently and this may be a requirement to keep your system connected to the grid. Some internet Solar companies will claim to offer all sorts of ongoing service but have no control over who or how the work is done, they can request the current outsourced contractor make a service call but there is no control over who the contractor sends to visit your home, many people do not want stranger after stranger visiting and how whatever servicing is offered is delivered should be taken into consideration. We highly recommend that you make use of our ongoing maintenance program to keep your system running at its highest efficiency.  Because we installed your system, we know both it and how your home is wired, further savings can be found by switching to more efficient appliances and lighting and we will be happy to discuss this with you. Solar panels are self-cleaning for the main, the angle the panels are set at and whatever breeze is present means debris such as leave and broken sticks should slide straight off. Some pollutants will foul your panels such as dust and pollen and if deposited on the surface this may lower the output by as much as 30% Our mission is for you to be comfortable in recommending us to your friends and family and we will provide the quality and level of service you would expect for this to occur.

Electrical Work

Captain Kilowatt can attend to your other electrical needs, domestic, commercial or industrial If you are looking at having work done and are interested in saving money by installing a Solar System then give us a call because we will be happy to make a deal on combined installation and electrical work packages.

Stand Alone & Hybrid Power Systems

Captain Kilowatt understands that households use more power in the evening and there may be a need to save the $power your system generates during the day so you can have free $power at night.

What you need is a Captain Kilowatt Energy Bank, we will design and install Stand Alone & Hybrid Solar System to save you money or provide real Energy Independence.

A Hybrid Solar System makes use of energy storage and keeps you connected to the grid as back up. Many families use their power at night and little during the day, there is little incentive to export to the grid when the reward is a only a fraction of the charge, a Captain Kilowatt Energy Bank allows you to deposit  $energy in the day and withdraw it at night.

The first step to saving in your Captain Kilowatt Energy Bank is to complete the contact form below and open an account so you can be “Free of Charge”!